October 16, 2013

How to overcome emotional eating

Stop trying to “fix” an internal problem with external solutions. Since our beliefs drive our behavior, healthy or unhealthy, then it stands to reason going on another fad diet isn’t the answer to an internal problem.

You have to go inside and address the beliefs that are driving you to emotional eating, drink to excess, procrastinate, shop, stay busy, etc.

The weight you are carrying right now is just a symptom of something much larger going on inside of you that is causing you distress.

Do you now see why no diet pill, food in a box, point counting system or any fancy gadget can fill that hole? You must address the mind, body and spirit to be able to heal, move forward and leave behind the ineffective behavior(s).

What is it that you need to let go of to be able to let go of the excess weight?

What has being overweight cost you up to this point in your life?

Maybe it has cost you a job, a failed relationship or the inability to pursue a relationship because of low self-esteem, the inability to conceive, unable to physically keep up with your kids or grand kids.

What is the cost to you right NOW?

What will your life look like five years from now if you do nothing?

The pain of being overweight and unhealthy goes beyond just the physical. It takes a toll on every part of your life.

Now I want you to imagine the life you have always wanted, free of the excess weight. You are healthy, full of life and doing the things you enjoy doing. You finally feel comfortable in your own skin and have more confidence then you ever thought possible.

Are you able to see this? Can you say and believe that you deserve a life like this? Would you like to feel this way?

I was able to come down from nearly 300 pounds by the renewal of my mind. Before that I tried every diet you can think of and killed myself at the gym. Nothing worked long term for me until I got my mind right. I have now kept the weight off for over a decade and I can do the same for you.

The only requirement is that you must be at a place where you are willing to try in spite of the fear you may have and the negative beliefs holding you back. All it takes it one sliver of hope and you’re halfway there.

Step out in faith and be open to the renewing of your mind. Give yourself the gift of having the life that you want and stop being comfortable with just existing. God put us on this earth to LIVE and THRIVE.

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