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    Are you PASSIONATE about your life or are you merely EXISTING?

    March 26, 2015

March 26, 2015

Are you PASSIONATE about your life or are you merely EXISTING?

The older I get the more I truly realize what matters in life. It isn’t about acquiring more “things” or making more money. You can have all the “toys” and money in the world and still feel very empty, lonely, and unfulfilled.

The one thing that truly motivated me to change my life was my last “typical” job I had 9+ years ago. I worked in construction and would get up at 6am so I could be to work by 7am and get off at 6pm or 7pm that night. I would do this Monday through Friday and every other Saturday. The job paid well, offered insurance and provided security.

“This sounds great, right?”

On the outside this looks and sounds great but the only thing was I HATED my job and my life. It literally sucked any and all joy out of me as I wasn’t walking in my calling. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for the job I had but I knew DEEP within me that this isn’t what God put me on this earth to do.

Can any of you relate to this? Do you wake up with enthusiasm, ready to attack the day or do you dread hearing your alarm go off? Did you give up on your dreams long ago for the comfort of security? Does your soul yearn for something more?

I believe we have to know who we are to live a truly AUTHENTIC life. That life is what we desire it to be and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Do you know who you are? I’m talking about that person DEEP down inside of you. Not the one you were told to be or who you feel like you have to be in order to be accepted.

In order to live a truly authentic you must know who you are. I often pose these questions to some of the clients I work with and I’ll share some of them here.

1. What makes you come alive? This could be anything really but what do you enjoy doing? Pay attention to this because in it lies what you’re passionate about.

2. What would I do if I knew no one would judge me? No fear, no judgment…what would you do?

3. What did I accomplish in my life in spite of great odds? This is another key area to look at as it will show you those areas you are very strong in. Why do you think you were successful?

4. If you had unlimited resources what would YOU do?

5. Imagine your living your most authentic life. What does that look like? where would you live, how much money would you make, what would you be doing? describe this in detail.

I encourage you to sit down and put your thoughts on paper. Take some time and really think about these questions. The more you are able to do those things you are truly passionate about the more joy and peace you will experience.

Remember, all the money, popularity, fast lifestyle, toys, and “things” the world deems important won’t mean a thing if you still feel empty and unfulfilled inside.

I don’t want to look back on my life when I am too old to do anything about it and say, “I wish I had done ________.”

Brandon Jenkins
Born Again Fitness


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