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    Decrease body-fat and improve overall conditioning

    March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Decrease body-fat and improve overall conditioning

For decreasing body-fat and truly maximizing your time spent in the gym I recommend high intensity circuit training. This is a fast and efficient way to lose body-fat and elicit aerobic and metabolic effects. Research shows that the benefits of circuit training can last as long as 72 hours…far longer than doing traditional cardio for fat loss.

My clients like metabolic workouts because of the shorter rest periods which means the workout is shorter and may actually be more beneficial then someone simply going through the motions for 60 minutes. You are able to get in and out of the gym in a relatively short amount of time.

Here is an example:
1A.Bilateral hip dominant: Trap Bar Dead-lift
1B.Vertical press: Standing single or double DB shoulder press
1C.Unilateral quad dominant: Walking DB or KB lunge
1D.Horizontal Pull: Inverted Row
1E.Anti-Rotation: Side Plank

5 rounds @ 40/20 (work/rest) and take 90 seconds after each round for recovery.

The Metabolic finisher:

2A.Anti-extension: Stability Ball Roll out
2B.Integrated: 1/2 Turkish Get Up to Hand

4 rounds @ 30/15 and resting 90 seconds between each round.

Choose a load that will challenge you while allowing you to maintain proper form. Keep in mind that the exercises you choose should match your current fitness level.

Strength training is going to shape your body and increase overall strength. It is also good for men and women as it increases bone density, builds lean muscle, and will help you to burn more calories overall and help to keep you leaner.



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