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    Exercises to strengthen your core

    February 7, 2018

February 7, 2018

Exercises to strengthen your core

Watch this is you have any kind of low back issues. ☝️

You must strengthen your core, booty, and possibly other weak muscle groups. There may be some you need to stretch and others you need to leave alone.

This isn’t a ‘quick fix’ issue by any means, but if you’re consistent you’ll notice a considerable difference.

Far too many people will opt for surgery and going on pain meds first, before utilizing corrective exercise methods. 👌

If you’ve been on my page for a while you’ll know that I dealt with a chronic SI issue. I was also in APT, which many people unknowingly are. My situation only began to get better when I took an active role in my recovery.

I was told I’d never be able to deadlift or squat again by a PT. She may have meant well, but lit a 🔥 under my butt. I have always loved to prove people wrong, and I did. I refused to accept what she was telling me.

Remember, when you see folks like this you’re only getting their opinion. You are not your diagnosis.

I began to research extensively regarding a hypermobile SI joint and all it entails. I then began experimenting with different training protocols and have created one that works.

I can now squat and deadlift MORE now than in the past. The pain I was in is nothing like it was before.

My message is simple.

Take an active role in your recovery. Exhaust all efforts before opting for surgery or taking pain medication.

A lot of the issues we see today can effectively be managed with diet and exercise.



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