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    Online Weight Loss & Behavioral Coaching

Want to train with me even if you don’t live in Idaho?

If you are in need of motivation and guidance from an expert that you can trust then my remote training program is for you. You will get what you need so that you can achieve results from anywhere in the world. So, if your location won’t allow for us to meet face to face, my distance coaching fitness and weight loss programs will provide you access to my knowledge and expertise in fitness, weight loss and behavior modification. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a beginner…we all can use help along this journey from time to time.

Born Again Fitness

I will customize a progressive and safe workout that is tailored to your fitness level and goals. You can do this work out from your home or the gym with minimal equipment. I will customize a training program based upon your fitness goals and help you to create an eating guide that will allow you to lose body-fat while getting stronger and reshaping your body.

I will also come alongside you and help you with your emotional eating, binging and struggling with food and the guilt/shame cycle. I will also help you with obsessing about certain foods, the guilt felt when you eat foods you consider ‘forbidden’ or ‘bad’ and help put an end to the never ending cycle of yo-yo dieting.
For added accountability we will stay in contact via Skype weekly and have routine check in via e-mail. In addition you will receive ‘homework’ that will help you to address and work through any issues you may have regarding emotional eating and behaviors that are sabotaging your success.

I take my clients safety, well-being and success very seriously. I have invested in the education necessary to be able to properly assess and design your fitness and weight loss program that will help propel you to achieving your fitness goals and finally achieve long lasting results.
I understand that we all are unique and that there is no “one size fits all” program out there. Your program will be created and customized to match your individual needs, wants and goals. I am successful when you’re successful.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to a life filled with shame and hating your body then this is the program for you. No more quick fixes this time. Now, it’s about doing something that works long term. If you’re ready to connect with your emotional self and be free from using food as a means to cope and feel good then contact me today.

Born Again Fitness Coaching Program

What you can expect with remote weight loss and fitness coaching:

Weekly phone calls or in person meetings.
Review of your past and current medical history and how this will relate to your program.
We will discuss your specific fitness and health related goals.
You will receive weekly handouts that will help you to identify and deal with any self-sabotaging behaviors.
I will be your ally on this journey and you can expect to have all our conversations and email correspondence to be kept private.
A safe and progressive exercise program that will include exercise description if needed.
Assistance with meal planning and guidance on foods that will help with hormonal balance.
I will calculate your macro-nutrient needs and help you determine how many calories you should consume daily.
E-mail support if you have any questions or concerns (response within 24-36 hours).
I will direct you to additional support if necessary.
Weekly review of your goals, nutrition log and workouts.

Set new goals for the upcoming week and discuss any issue you may have encountered during the current week.

If you are ready to take your life back and finally break free from your negative beliefs and self-talk, leave the self-sabotaging behaviors in the past and have the life you have only dreamed of, then please contact me today to find out more about pricing for remote coaching or one on one coaching in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Caldwell, and Nampa Idaho.

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